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With Presence Stars you get 30% commissions!

Different than other traditional affiliates.
Build your business with us.
Partner with us.
Help us with sales, get your commissions.
Bring bulk clients, get even more commissions.

  • Powerful admin panel to manage your websites and leads
  • Powerful admin panel to manage your websites and leads
  • Powerful admin panel to manage your websites and leads

Our affiliate program differs from other traditional programs


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Become an affiliate member with us. Use our affiliate sign up form to send us your details. We will create an account for you and you are ready to start!

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Showcase Presence Stars platform and templates.

When you register as an affiliate partner, you will get access to our admin panel. You will be able to demonstrate it to potential customer. You will also get all template demos available to showcase them too. Need more? Just let us know.

Register the customer in the system

If the potential customer is ready to start, just create a user under your affiliate team in admin panel, and provide the credentials. The customer will be able to access the admin panel and create website in seconds!

Get paid $$$

By the end of each month, get 30% of all active subscriptions that your team has.

Get 50% commissions!

Yes! Become partner with us. Bring in bulk clients and we are ready to share 50% of the revenue we get. Just imagine, we provide the soft, we do the support, but you get 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions?


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where you signed up and become an affiliate (that's you). You bring sales to merchant (that's us) and get commissions.


How does this affiliate program work?

Presence Stars affiliate program differs from other traditional programs little bit.
We provide you access to our admin panel for demoing purposes. It is your job to sign up customers into admin panel under your name.
When they create their subscription, your job is done, we will handle the rest.


Who is this program for?

Practically anyone. If you have clients interested in having websites, you are welcomed to join our program.


How much money I will make?

Depends on how many clients will you bring in. We give much bigger commissions (30%-50%) than regular affiliate programs (20%-25%), so you can actually bring in nice amount of sales and make money forever.


How I get 50% commissions?

You always start with 30% commissions. When you bring in bulk clients, depending on their number, your commission may be increased. Even if you bring in 1 client who needs 1000 websites, it is still considered as a bulk sale. We are ready to bring in new templates just for bulk sales, just let us know.


Have more questions?

If our program made you excited and you have further questions, feel free to contact us or just land us an email at [email protected]

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